Issues with current diagnostic techniques.

Old Technology
Current tools used for diagnosis only see the surface of the eardrum, not what’s going on behind it, in the middle ear, where the disease resides.

Doctors are forced to make evaluations based on limited information. Misdiagnosis is common, leading to poor decisions about antibiotic prescription and surgery.

Quality & cost of care
Unnecessary or delayed surgeries. Over-prescription of antibiotics. Prolonged suffering and potential hearing loss. The human and health care costs add up.

The first clear view of the middle ear, without surgery.

PhotoniCare’s hand-held ClearView imaging tool uses an advanced light-based technology (optical coherence tomography, OCT) to see through the eardrum. For the first time, physicians can view a high-resolution OCT image on-screen to learn what’s going on in the middle ear. Right now, they either guess, or cut into the eardrum for a more accurate diagnosis. Our long-awaited non-invasive solution eliminates guesswork, replacing subjective diagnosis with objective data.

Our hand-held ClearView looks and feels like a familiar otoscope.

It handles just like the tool physicians have been using for 100 years: the trusty otoscope. But ClearView promises to fundamentally transform the diagnosis and treatment of middle ear infection. It could improve the quality of care for one billion children worldwide, empower physicians to make better decisions, and reduce costs exponentially.

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Shortening the disease cycle with informed, timely decisions.

Today, children will suffer from recurring ear infections for 6 to 12 months before they are referred to an ENT specialist. During this time the pediatrician will often prescribe increasingly stronger antibiotics. Instead, a doctor could order a reimbursable diagnostic exam with ClearView early on. If biofilm or other disease is present, the child could receive the proper surgical intervention sooner.



Conversely, unnecessary surgery could be avoided. It is an accepted fact that tube surgery is over-performed because current tools don’t allow an accurate analysis of the middle ear without opening up the TM (eardrum). Today, over 1 million tube surgeries are performed in the U.S. alone. PhotoniCare technology promises to create a new paradigm that shortens the disease cycle, yielding enormous quality of life benefits and economic benefits for patients, providers and payers.